BEACHFRONT tanning mitt


Hey beach babe, ready to get your glow on? Meet BEACHFRONT tanning mitt, your new BFF for flawless, streak-free color. Get that sun-kissed look without the fuss. Dive into summer!

Hey there beach babe! Ready to elevate your tanning game? Let me introduce you to BEACHFRONT Tanning Mitt! This little beauty is a game changer for achieving that flawless, streak-free tan. Made with a soft, velvety fabric, it ensures a smooth and even application of your favorite self-tanning products. Plus, its waterproof liner keeps your hands stain-free for a mess-free experience. Whether you’re lounging by the ocean or soaking up the sun poolside, this tanning mitt is your ticket to a natural-looking, sun-kissed glow. So, say goodbye to streaks and hello to beachfront beauty with this must-have accessory!