• Are you tired of picking up a lipstick, blush, eye shadow or other cosmetic product and hoping for the best?
  • Have you ever sighed when you realized that amazing new product just wasn’t the right consistency or color?
  • Do you wish there was a better way to shop for cosmetics – one without disappointment?

Now there is – the Younique “Love It” Guarantee. This unprecedented benefit protects makeup lovers from those “uh-oh” moments when shades or formulas just don’t quite match up to expectations or needs. Each of the 3 tiers is no questions asked for customer convenience, will be adjusted to reflect discounts/product credits/points used on the original purchase, but does not include shipping and handling charges.

How Does the Younique Love It Guarantee Work?

Within 14 days of delivery, you can opt for a full refund or an equal-value product credit or exchange. Between15-30 days after delivery you can request an 80% of your actual product purchase price back as a refund, or an equal-value product credit or exchange. Finally, between 31-90 days after deliver, you can request an equal-value product credit or exchange.

Three months of assurance that your cosmetic products are high quality? Now that’s a thing of beauty!