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Younique Beachfront Body Applicator


The perfect applicator, made specifically for the perfect tanning product.

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Younique‘s Beachfront Bronzer products are as hot as the beachfront in July, but to get the best coverage, fingertips and washcloths just can’t cut it. This premium sponge-like applicator from Younique is teardrop-shaped, and fits perfectly in the curve of the fingers, allowing you to keep a sturdy grip as you glide it across arms, legs and shoulders. The ultra-fine porous surface smooths just the right amount of Beachfront Body Bronzer on your skin, preventing patchy or streaky results.

Wet Beachfront Body Applicator with water. Squeeze out excess liquid and blot with a towel if needed.  Place a small amount of Beachfront Body Bronzer or Self-Tanning Body Lotion onto applicator and apply to skin, blending in evenly.

To use with Beachfront Self-Tanning Spray, mist self-tanner directly onto skin and blend in with applicator.