Younique understands that it takes more than a picture to sell a product – even if that product is an amazing line of cosmetics. Their Presenter Kit / Younique Starter Kit is a comprehensive collection of their best and brightest products to try out, try on and show off. The kit’s contents empower you not only to familiarize yourself with the brand, but to confidently make recommendations and demonstrate color options to your excited party guests.

It’s Really UNDER a Hundred Dollars?

Yes! For only $99, you’ll have a brand new business to call your own, and the sky’s the limit for earning opportunities! Build on the basics with items like a foundation sampler and skin care sampler to encourage your customers to add them to a daily beauty routine. Show off how luxurious the silky formula of Splurge Cream Shadow really is with the included brush, and clean up with the soft, moisturizing convenience of Shine Eye Makeup Remover Cloths. Smooth on the Beachfront Self-Tanning Lotion to show your party guests how quickly and easily it works.

High-Quality Eye Makeup Products

Enhance your eyes with our top-notch mascaras and eyeliners.

Quality Face Makeup Collection

Discover flawless foundations and concealers for a perfect base.

Vibrant Lip Colors Selection

Find your perfect lip color from our wide range of lipsticks and glosses.

Join The Younique Family

Everything you need to prime, build, cleanse and sell your brand new catalog of hot products is at your fingertips, conveniently tucked away in a stylish presenter case between events. Lips, eyes, face, body – you’ll know every tip and trick after you experiment and explore the contents of this fantastic business-building collection. Younique will support you every step of the way, with information, education, presenter assistance and hot new item introductions that will keep your business booming. Get started by ordering your Younique Presenter Kit today and Join Younique.