If you love high quality cosmetics, owning your own business and hanging out at fun parties with women just like you, we’re willing to bet you love earning a huge chunk of change while doing so! The Younique Compensation Plan is not only generous from the start, it lets you build even more earning opportunity into every party as your business and career grow.

How Much Will I Make with Younique?

Once you purchase your affordable Younique Starter Kit, you can immediately start hosting online parties and earning 20% commission on every sale. That adds up fast, even at the wallet-friendly prices that will entice your guests to buy and try. After you easily sail past the “Yellow Status” $1,000 sales volume mark, that amount gets boosted to 25%, and the fun really starts. You can bump that commission earning up to 30% when your sales volume reaches the highest tiers. Assemble teams of presenters and earn downline revenue of up to 6% of their sales in addition to your own, with team-building opportunities of up to three tiers downline.

As a Younique presenter, you’ll also have the opportunity to earn cars, trips and more by being a top performing leader and team manager. Isn’t it time you took control of your own financial destiny and enjoyed a better quality of life? Upgrade your future with your own Younique empire!