Updated July 2023

If you love high quality cosmetics, owning your own business and hanging out at fun parties with women just like you, we’re willing to bet you love earning a huge chunk of change while doing so! The Younique Compensation Plan is not only generous from the start, it lets you build even more earning opportunity into every party as your business and career grow.

How Much Will I Make with Younique?

Once you purchase your affordable Younique Starter Kit, you can immediately start hosting online parties.

As a Younique presenter, you’ll also have the opportunity to earn cars, trips and more by being a top performing leader and team manager. Isn’t it time you took control of your own financial destiny and enjoyed a better quality of life? Upgrade your future with your own Younique empire!

Compensation Plan Breakdown (download Younique-Pay-Plan-en_US):

Retail Pay

  • Earn 20% of your total Personal Retail Sales (PRS) for the month.

  • The remaining 5%-20% of your PRS will be paid with Month-End Pay after total PRS is determined for the month.

New First Level Pay

  • Earn 5%-20% on the sales of everyone you’ve personally sponsored in the last 90 days.

  • The bonus amount is based on the total sales of everyone you’ve personally sponsored who are still in their first 90 days.

  • You must be a Paid-as Qualified Brand Ambassador to be eligible to earn.


  • All sales requirements, except for Personal Retail Sales, are based on 75% of the Personal Retail Sales value.

  • The Personal Retail Sales value of a given order or product can be reduced when using coupons, Y-CASH credit, or other discount methods and promotions.

Circle Pay

  • Earn 3%-5% of Circle Sales based on your Paid-as title in the Pay Plan.

  • Circle Sales are 75% of the PRS value in your Circle, which includes all of your personal sales, as well as those of your customers and Brand Affiliates, and any sales in your downline, excluding other Brand Ambassadors who are Paid-as Brand Director and above.

  • Your Circle includes you and everyone in your downline except for other Brand Ambassadors who are Paid-as Brand Director and above.

Promotion Bonuses

  • Promotion Bonuses are paid to all Brand Ambassadors who promote to Senior Brand Specialist and above for the first time in their first four months.

  • These bonuses are only paid once.

  • If you promote to two or more titles for the first time in the same month you will receive a bonus for each Title Promotion.

  • These bonuses are paid with Month-End Pay following the month the new title(s) were achieved for the first time.

Paid-as Bonus

  • Paid-as Bonuses are paid at Senior Brand Specialist and above.

  • These bonuses are paid based on a Brand Ambassador’s Paid-as title in a given month, not tied to recognized title.

  • In the case where a Brand Ambassador promotes to more than one title in a month these bonuses do not stack and are paid for the highest Paid-as title achieved in that month.Younique-Pay-Plan-en_US

Generation (Gen)

  • A Generation is comprised of Brand Ambassadors who are Paid-as Brand Director or above.

I hope this is helpful! Let me know if you have any other questions.